Marxism and Revolutionary Nationalism

At the end of the 19th century, the advanced capitalist countries of the world (broadly, Europe and the United States) experienced a massive change in global capitalism, as monopolies became dominant, war for colonies expanded, financial institutions massively grew in their power, and the world was redivided between empires. This was the development of imperialism:... Continue Reading →


Neocolonialism and a Maoist Strategy

Neocolonialism Modern capitalism-imperialism can be broadly characterized by the development of neocolonialism. This is a more covert form of imperialism, where colonizing countries transfer value out of the colonies without taking overt political control, instead installing governments who bend to their interests and exercising power and authority through institutions like the IMF and World Bank... Continue Reading →

Automation and Imperialism

In the past few years, the idea of “fully automated luxury communism” (FALC) has gained a considerable amount of support and admiration in leftist circles online. Many circulate it as a meme, but there is a significant number who also support it as a new approach to the destruction of capitalism in the 21st century.... Continue Reading →

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